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The Paritae Team

Combining plenty of development experience with a strong work ethic, the Paritae team noticed prominent issues with today's dating world and decided to do something about it.

Paritae CEO & Founder Chris Graney-Ward

Chris Graney-Ward

CEO & Founder
Paritae Director & Co-founder Emile Siou

Emile Siou

Director & Co-founder
Paritae Design Gratian Dan Radu

Gratian Dan Radu

Paritae Content marketing Rebecca Gibbs

Rebecca Gibbs

Content marketing

Our partners

Companies we've parnered with to make paritae a success

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Since 2009, TechAhead has helped entrepreneurs empower their vision by creating See more...

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Pinzak is a full service, data driven advertisement agency with nearly 10 years See more...

Our journey & roadmap

Q4 '22

Toonsoft Ltd was founded

Business registered, Business plan and market research started. Reached out to app developers. Website development started. App design started.

A strong base
Q1 '23

Laying the groundwork for our amitious goals

Emile joined as co-founder, Blog launch, Website improvements, App design, SEO, Content marketing focus

Pulling everything together
Q2 '23

Designs & Funding preperation

App design finalised, Website features and content complete, Website redesign started, Content marketing & social media presence, Investor preperation, Crowdfunding campaign planning

App development starts
H2 '23

Funding secured and app development to start

Execute crowdfunding campaign, Secured funding, App design refinement, App development, Agressive analytical marketing, Team expansion, Launch planning

H1 '24

Paritae will launch on a city by city basis

Heavy testing prior to launch, Focus on advertisement, App store optimisation, Referral scheme, App adjustments, Launching targeted ad campaigns on a city by city basis


Discovering new markets

Talent acquisition, Expansion into new markets, including LGBTQ+ and swingers, Continuous improvement to the app, Marketing and brand refinement

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