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Last updated - 04/2023

  • What are the main issues with dating apps today?

    Dating apps face several issues today, including the gender imbalance of male and female users, which can lead to bad experiences and outcomes. This imbalance can result in a higher likelihood of women receiving unthoughtful or harassing messages and being ghosted or ignored, while most men may have a harder time finding matches. Dating apps must work to ensure that their platforms are equitable for all users, regardless of gender, and promote respectful interactions. Additionally, dating apps need to address other issues such as privacy and security, fake profiles, inequality and discrimination, addiction and burnout, and relationship quality to provide a positive experience for all users.

  • How does Paritae address the gender imbalance in online dating?

    Paritae addresses the gender imbalance by implementing a supply and demand inspired, dynamic pay-as-you-go pricing model for right swipes. It guarantees an equal amount of male and female activity and means we can provide "premium" features to all users at no extra cost!

  • How does Paritae address safety and security?

    We identified two major ways to address safety and security. Firstly, we've ensured all users must verify their identity after 15 days, ensuring users are real people and not bots. Secondly, we've used a "panic button" feature which will alert a friend in the event of an emergency or if you need saving from an uncomfortable situation.

  • Do I have to pay to use Paritae?

    You may have to pay for Paritae depending on how many people are actively using the platform at the time. However, you’ll only pay on a “per right swipe” basis, and there’s no need to pay a subscription fee. If you’re interested in receiving profile feedback from other users, you’ll need to pay a small fee.

    We’ll release more information on our payment model in the coming months.

  • When will the Paritae app be available?

    The app is currently being designed/developed. We hope to release it around Q4 2023. To stay up to date with our developments and get notified when the app is released, sign up for our waiting list on the homepage!

  • Do paid dating sites work better?

    Free dating apps often have too many users and lower-quality matches. If you’re serious about stepping up your dating game, paying for an app will make you more likely to find a genuine connection.

    At Paritae, you won’t need to pay high subscription fees. We instead charge our users on a pay-per-swipe basis depending on our current gender ratio balance. Our payment model is designed to facilitate genuine connections between users rather than encouraging the “swiping fatigue” plaguing Tinder.

  • How often do dating apps work?

    As of 2023, only 20 percent of current relationships began online, and most couples still meet the traditional way: at coffee shops, bars, and through friends. Only 54 percent of online daters (2020) say that relationships they’ve formed through apps are as successful as organic ones. But why is this?

    It’s likely that a combination of unbalanced gender ratios, “swiping” culture, and overloading of potential options have made it more difficult for dating app users to find a suitable match. At Paritae, we’ve created a groundbreaking formula to solve these issues and instead encourage genuine connections through our app.

  • Does Paritae promote meaningful dating experiences?

    Paritae works to remove endless swiping and superficial connections with an innovative algorithm designed to balance gender ratios and introduce more valued connections. As a result, Paritae matches will be more responsible than other dating platforms. We’re also introducing Facial Recognition Verification to eliminate bots and catfish from the app.

  • How does Paritae promote “safety” dating?

    At Paritae, we know how important it is to feel safe - both while chatting online and meeting up for a date in-person. If you’re wondering, ‘What are the best dating apps for women?’ then look no further than our dating app. We’ve integrated several “safety dating” features to make both men and women feel safe on our platform, including:

    • Facial Recognition Verification. With Paritae, all users must verify their identity within 15 days of joining the platform to ensure you’re talking to someone genuine.
    • Panic Button Feature. Our panic button gives you extra protection during your date. With just the press of a button, Paritae will notify either a friend or local law enforcement, and both phones will be tracked.
    • Enhanced Location Data. When you tell the Paritae team you’re meeting someone, we’ll temporarily enhance your location data. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be able to pass this information on to the right people.
  • Is Paritae safer than other dating apps?

    Paritae strongly focuses on the safety of all users above all else, with features such as profile verification through ID, a panic button, and enhanced tracking when actively on a date. When on Paritae, you can feel secure that you’re swiping right on real people rather than bots or catfishes.

    Right now, only Tinder has a panic button available (out of the top three apps, Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble) which is available purely in the USA, and no apps will track your phone location while out on a date.

  • What is pay-per-swipe?

    Paritae’s pay-per-swipe model is designed to not only save you time and money, but help you find better connections. Rather than paying for expensive premium subscriptions on multiple dating apps, you’ll pay a small fee for swiping right on a profile.

    Paritae encourages its users to carefully consider a profile before matching to increase the chances of a successful date.

  • Will Paritae’s balanced gender ratio system mean some people must not be allowed to join?

    No, Paritae will never reject anyone from signing up based on gender ratios. Instead, the price of swipes will be adjusted daily to maintain balance on a supply and demand basis. Confused? Think of it like a nightclub. Rather than turning you away, those at the door will charge you more to slow down the number of people coming in.

  • Does Paritae have a safety dating ID feature?

    Yes, all Paritae users must verify their identity within 15 days using our Facial Recognition Verification dating ID feature. This eliminates catfish from the platform, allowing you to get on with making genuine connections.

  • How will Paritae feedback work?

    Paritae promotes constant profile improvement, so we’re encouraging our users to provide feedback on others. That way, you’re more likely to find a meaningful match. After an in-person date, both parties can leave feedback to improve the quality of matches.

  • How many people use dating apps?

    In a recent 2022 statistic, there were 366 million people registered on dating apps globally, with the United States, the UK, and France having the highest ratio of users. The dating market is clearly continuing to rise, and by 2027 it is estimated that there will be 440 million people seeking dates through online apps and platforms.

  • Why is online dating so popular?

    The exponential use of smartphones combined with easy access to the internet means that more singles are able to use apps wherever they are. While in the past, individuals were forced to approach people in public, dating apps provide an efficient and less confrontational way of meeting other singles.

  • What are the typical dating site gender ratios?

    Current dating apps are plagued by unbalanced gender ratios, making it harder for men to find matches and form meaningful connections. The most popular dating app in the world, the most recent data shows that Tinder has a gender balance of 21.9 percent women and 78.1 percent men.

    If you’re wondering - ‘why am I getting no matches on Tinder?’ It could be a combination of unequal gender ratios and swiping habits. Men swipe five times more than women, creating two problems. One. Men receive fewer matches and therefore have less of a chance of finding a meaningful connection. Two. Women are faced with an overpopulated inbox and struggle to find and reply to matches that are right for them.

    Paritae will solve this problem.

  • Are dating apps worth it for guys?

    Dating apps are definitely worth it for men. However, rather than using apps such as Tinder and Hinge with unbalanced gender ratios and low success rates, try our new dating app Paritae. Our innovative algorithm always ensures that there are an equal number of men and women on the platform, so you have a higher chance of finding a successful match. Not only that, but we offer regular feedback on your profile from other users, so you can work to constantly improve your online image.